Mary Miller

Ian Bacon

Elise Kidd

Blewburton Ltd was formed in September 2008 by Mary Miller and Ian Bacon to offer sustainability and energy services to a full spectrum of clients. Having worked together for several years with the local not-for-profit renewable energy agency, TV Energy, Blewburton Ltd is a natural evolution into the commercial sector and demonstrates the progression of sustainability issues into the mainstream commercial environment.

Blewburton Ltd team has extensive experience throughout the sustainability and energy field, from managing EU renewable energy projects and large sustainable construction projects, providing market advice to energy suppliers, to conducting individual village hall and household energy surveys. This experience is brought to all work undertaken, with the final aim of delivering a sustainable solution that works for all.

We aim to bring a friendly and personal approach to all work and recognise the importance, confidence and strength to be gained from establishing strong relationships at the outset of any project.