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BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment 2014

Conversion of an office to a house in a Listed Building, West London

This dwelling was previously office space and has a Grade II star listing which limited the options available for delivering the BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment (2014) rating of ‘Very Good’ required by the Local Planning Authority.

One of the challenges relating to this building was that the solid external walls could not be upgraded internally as part of the listing relates to the panelling present in most rooms.  Consequently there was limited scope to score well in the energy section, although it focused minds on the need for an extremely efficient heating system.  The reduced option to gain energy credits was compensated for with high scores relating to good management practice and a strong water use specification.

This scheme benefited from an initial meeting that not only involved the client, but also their main contractor, as ultimately, it is down to the contractors to deliver on site.  Engaging the contractor at an early stage,  being able to meet and discuss the key issues in BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment, ensures a greater chance of cost effective and straightforward compliance at Post Construction review stage.  Blewburton Limited stayed in touch with the contractor throughout the process, strongly pushing the idea that ‘no question is a daft question’, to ensure all issues, no matter how small or mundane were checked for their effect on the BREEAM process.  This is an approach Blewburton Limited encourages on all BREEAM projects.

BREEAM domestic refurbishment