The Blewburton Partnership has helped a great number of commercial and domestic developments with their sustainability and conformance to legislation over the years. Below is a selection of our many successful interventions.

Case study: sixteen dwellings – West Oxfordshire

This development is a rural exception site which requires a minimum Code Level 3 compliance. The Blewburton Partnership took the development from pre-assessment, design, consultancy and Post Construction Review, and Blewburton performed the SAP calculations to help all dwellings exceed Part L1A by at least 25%.

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Case study: award-winning development of 12 dwellings – Rural Buckinghamshire

The Blewburton Partnership worked with the developer from the early design stage providing advice on the most effective measures to take to achieve the desired Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, through to Design Stage submission and Post Construction Review. The construction subsequently won the LABC Central Building Excellence Award for Best Social or Affordable Housing Scheme.

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Case study: village hall – West Berkshire

Because there is no BREEAM scheme for community buildings, to achieve a rating of ‘Excellent’ it was expedient to work with the Blewburton Partnership to create a sustainability statement for this village hall based on BREEAM principles. In particular we advised on efficient use of water, as well as insulation, electricity efficiency, and ecological protection.

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Case study: ground floor extension – West London

For this proposed extension, the local Building Control Department wanted to be sure that the carbon emissions from the remodelled house would not exceed current emissions. The Blewburton Partnership performed SAP calculations using NHER software to ensure compliance.

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Case study: flats – North Oxford

The Blewburton Partnership helped a developer offset non-compliance with Part L1A of the Building Regulations, caused by the retention of an inefficient heating system in the finished development.

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Case study: evidence base for council’s Sustainable Construction Policy

The Blewburton Partnership completed a substantial piece of consultancy work for Wycombe District Council, providing an evidence base to inform the development of its planning policy, aimed at encouraging sustainable construction and the deployment of renewable and low carbon technologies.

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