Construction of dwellings and Conservative Club facility

Blewburton Limited were commissioned to prepare a Sustainability Statement and Energy Strategy as part of a planning application for the development of two buildings on the site of an existing Conservative Club.  One of the proposed buildings will see 12 new residential apartments (10 x 2-bed and 2 x 3-bed) and the second building will be a new club building and associated two-bed maisonette. 

The site is located within the London Borough of Hillingdon who required the proposal to meet London Plan 2016 requirements of:

Policy 5.2 (minimising carbon dioxide emissions) explains that developments should try to minimise carbon dioxide emissions by using less energy, supply energy efficiently and use renewable energy.

Policy 5.3 (sustainable design and construction) states that the highest standards of sustainable design and construction should be achieved in London to improve the environmental performance of new developments and to adapt to the effects of climate change over their lifetime.

Blewburton liaised with the architect and developer and undertook Part L1A SAP and Part L2A SBEM calculations to understand and inform the energy strategy required to satisfy Policy 5.2 (above).  Having reviewed and specified the options for tighter fabric and discounted the options for a connection to district heating, the scheme proposed to install PV arrays on the two buildings to meet the London Plan requirements.

In addition, a review of the options for enhanced sustainability for the site was undertaken and discussed with the client and architect, along with a review of other consultants’ work relating to ecology, surface water, travel and transport.  This was then all brought together in a Sustainability Report for the site, covering the issues required under the London Plan and detailing the approach proposed.

Blewburton undertake this work for differing planning regimes throughout the country and are happy to discuss your requirements for any project you may have.