The New Energy Performance of Buildings Central Register is due for release on the 20th of September 2020. This will change the way EPC’s are accessed and printable versions will have a new appearance.

Accessing your EPC

The new register will consolidate reports, covering all energy assessment strands (DEA, OCDEA, NDEA, DEC and Air-Conditioning), in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Energy Assessors like Blewburton will be provided with a URL link when an EPC is lodged, this link can then be passed on to clients such as; developers, architects, and owners allowing them to obtain a copy of the Energy Certificate. It will be possible to access a printable version of the Energy Certificate from the website if this is required.

It is the government’s intention that this process will benefit owners, tenants and landlords as they will be able to access more information regarding the building beyond the physical Energy Certificate. This will include areas such as what to do next, where to find grants and funding opportunities, where to get quality installers.

Blewburton will work closely with our clients to find the best process for them for sharing EPC’s moving forward.

New look EPC’s

The printable version of the EPC is getting a new look. Overall, the document appears to have been streamlined and simplified, whilst still containing similar headline information.

We are pleased to see the easily understood colour coded energy rating is expected to remain. 

However, we are disappointed that the environmental impact rating graphic, previously moved from the front page to the end of the document may now be removed. Whilst it appears that the emissions figures will still be quoted in the document, the removal of the graphic and rating will not only make this stand out less, but also remove the publics ability to understand how well the property is performing.

Another cause for concern is the continued use of costs throughout the report, including expected running costs of the building and typical installation costs of recommended measures. These costs have proved to be confusing and misleading for occupiers in the past as they often don’t reflect real life situations.

If you have any queries about the new register or require any support with SAPs Blewburton would be happy to help. Please get in touch on 01491 825337 or

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