Part L is the section of Building Regulations which is dedicated to the conservation of fuel and power. There are 4 sections:

  • Part L1A – New dwellings
  • Part L1B – Existing dwellings
  • Part L2A – New buildings other than dwellings
  • Part L2B – Existing buildings other than dwellings

With each update to Building Regulations we would expect to see more onerous targets and a move towards zero carbon.

All members of the Blewburton team are licensed to prepare the SAP calculations to demonstrate compliance with Part L for housing and to produce final Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). We also work closely with associated non-domestic energy assessors meaning we can assess all building types.

We have years of experience, which together with our in-depth knowledge of energy issues, means that we can give our clients advice on the most appropriate compliance solutions, managing the interplay between fabric measures and efficient building services, and between traditional and innovative techniques and technologies to arrive at the optimal solution.

Where required, following discussions with the client regarding the areas of the development which can be amended Blewburton will model a number of improvement scenarios. This may include the following areas:

  • Improved insulation and U-values to walls, floors and roofs
  • Improved glazing and doors or shading on windows where overheating is an issue
  • Improved air tightness
  • Calculated thermal mass
  • Calculated thermal bridging
  • More efficient heating systems, distribution, stores and controls
  • Cooling and ventilations options
  • Renewable technologies (including flue gas heat recovery, waste water heat recovery, solar thermal, solar PV, biomass and heat pumps).

It is always wise to address Part L early in the project. Using the SAP model as a design tool we can help you find the best, most cost-effective route to designing dwellings that meet the regulations and offer long lasting energy saving to occupiers.

Planning condition relating to energy and emissions? We write energy statements too.

SAP 10 is coming – read our guide on the changes and how to prepare.

Samples of our Part L SAP work can be found here:

Part L case studies

SAP (Part L1A) and Code assessment for 12 dwellings – Buckinghamshire

Blewburton Limited worked with the developer from the early design stage providing advice on the most effective measures to take to achieve the desired Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, through to Design Stage submission and Post Construction Review. The construction subsequently won the LABC Central Building Excellence Award for Best Social or Affordable Housing Scheme.

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Part L2A SBEM (non-domestic new build)

This project involved supplying the final ‘As-Built’ paperwork and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) under Part L2A of the Building Regulations assessment for a new veterinary practice building, though a SBEM calculation.

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