This project involved the construction of a 2-bedroom single story dwelling built into the existing topography, such that its impact within its Conservation Area setting is minimal. The entire roof is grassed and walls feature sweet chestnut cladding and slim grey aluminium framed glazing to further improve the overall aesthetic of the site.

The client was keen to undertake a sustainable route with this project and previous experience led them to select air source heat pump technology as the heating source. With the addition of a PV array.

The most challenging aspect of the job from a SAP assessment point of view was the selection of Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) for the main structure of the external walls and also for the walls abutting the soil to the rear.  The initial Fabric Energy Efficiency calculations were not good, but working with the ICF supplier, bespoke Y-values for non-repeat thermal bridges were supplied and the final construction gained a strong compliance under Part L.

This project is now complete and the interesting mix of sustainable technologies and approaches has proven to be an interesting learning experience for the developer and one that benefited from the early engagement of Blewburton Limited to this project.