Sustainability and energy services

Part L1A (New build SAP calculations and EPCs)

This project involved undertaking the SAP calculations and supplying the London Plan Energy Report for a development of five houses and twenty-two apartments on a site in West London.

Not only did this require advice and assessment of different fabric options and heating arrangements, it also included the requirement to review the amount of PV to be installed to meet London Plan requirements.

This was further complicated by the London Plan requirement to avoid overheating, which can be a particular issue in apartments with no cross ventilation potential and analysis of this problem led to a specification of glazing with a low g-value, which than had to be factored into the SAP calculations and the amount of PV required.

This project is now complete and the intertwining of the Part L, renewable energy provision and overheating issues has proven to be an interesting learning experience for the developer and one that benefited from the early engagement of Blewburton Limited to this project.

Part L1A (New build SAP calculations and EPCs)