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Part L2B (SBEM calculations for a non-domestic extension)

Extension to motorbike showroom, Oxfordshire

This project involved a Part L2B of the Building Regulations assessment for a motorbike showroom extension.  The initial plans did not consider the requirements of Part L and the site owner had not made provision for them. When Blewburton were commissioned, we also had to gain information on the existing building in order to run the required SBEM calculations.

The initial calculations showed a failure to comply along with a solar gain issue, however, much of this was down to a lack of accurate information, such as make and model of the how water tank (pictured below) with which to complete the model. The lack of sections drawings was also an issue.

The relevant information did eventually get fed through and the SBEM model did eventually fall into compliance, although questions were fed back from the Building Control officer that also indicated they were not fully understanding of Part L2B of the Building Regulations and these were easily dealt with.

SBEM calculations for EPCs and associated Part L2A & B paperwork are an area Blewburton have good expertise in and we appreciate that sometimes this is a confusing subject.  We aim, as was shown in this case, to get your project to a positive conclusion in as quick and efficient manner as possible, understanding that sometimes not all then information is readily available.