Renewable Energy

Legislative, social and economic forces are driving a change in energy provision from the traditional carbon based technologies to more sustainable and renewable options. As with any change, this leads to uncertainty and concern when adopting new technology and practices. The Blewburton Partnership is able to facilitate and smooth over these concerns as we move towards a zero-carbon economy.

The Blewburton Partnership has extensive experience in advising organisations on the scope and opportunities for using renewable or sustainable sources of energy generation and can manage the process of identifying possible solutions, feasibility studies, project design, dealing with necessary permits, grant applications and project financing and implementation and project management.

Our particular expertise includes biomass, heat-pumps, solar thermal, solar photovoltaics (PV), small-scale wind, combined heat and power (CHP) and low-head hydropower. We also have a strength in communal and district heating technology, strategy and design.

We offer the following services relating to renewable energy, either as one-off options or in combination:

  • Desk-top feasibility studies
  • Full feasibility studies
  • Full design and specification for certain technologies
  • Assistance with gaining planning permission
  • Economic evaluations and financial analysis
  • Assistance with grant funding applications
  • Site visits and appraisals
  • Policy development
  • Project management

For examples of our work see our case studies.

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