Energy and Sustainability Statements

Many local authorities require new buildings to reduce energy demand or offset carbon emissions through the use of on-site low and zero carbon technologies. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Merton’ rule these measures are implemented through the planning process whereby an energy statement has to be provided as part of the planning application.

The policies can vary between authorities in terms of the amount of offset required and how to calculate the baseline. Some authorities use on-line reporting systems such as C-Plan. Whatever is required we can produce an energy report that does the job and provides clients with the information required to meet the planning condition in a way that is achievable, cost effective and appropriate to the building design and end use.

In addition, many authorities require the submission of a sustainability statement setting out how the developer intends to address the sustainability issues considered important for the local area. We can help the developer understand the implications of these policies and to complete a clear, concise and comprehensive statement that is achievable in the context of the development and meets the local authority’s requirements.