This site comprises a four bedroom detached property, nine two and three bedroom mid and end terrace houses and six two bedroom flats on ground and first floors. It is located in the Oxfordshire town of Woodstock and is a rural exception site, allocated for social housing by the Local Authority, West Oxfordshire District Council, who also require a minimum Code Level 3 compliance on construction. Blewburton Limited (BBP) has been involved with a number of projects of this size and nature, from pre-assessment stage, via Design Stage and consultancy, through to Post Construction Review.

This development has needed to have regard to the local vernacular, but has still scored well under the Materials category of the Code.  All the dwellings will exceed Part L1A of the Building Regulations by at least 25%, through good design and build practice and with the incorporation of air source heat pump units for hot water and heating requirements.

As well as undertaking the Code related work, BBP have also undertaken the SAP calculations and using NHER software as a design tool have been able to advise the developer and architect, after several iterations, on the best solution to exceed the Part L1A of the Building Regulations by the required 25%.

Early on in the process the developer recognised and understood the need for comprehensive survey work and reports relating to control of surface water run-off and ecological issues and these were produced and the measures suggested implemented to secure vital Code credits.

This site is unusual in that the eventual client requires compliance with Lifetime Homes standards and this required a certain amount of ‘re-thinks’ at design stage as to how to achieve compliance, although this has now been completed.