Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) across the country set a range of requirements in relation to energy and sustainability. These tend to include:

  • Reduction in emissions when compared to Building Regulations
  • Carbon offset payments to reach zero carbon (in London)
  • A reduction in energy demand
  • The use of low and zero carbon technologies
  • Internal water use targets
  • BREEAM targets
  • General sustainability statements of checklists for planning applications

Blewburton are experienced in interpreting planning requirements to determine exactly what LPAs are looking for, if necessary, we can liaise with case officers to discuss requirements. Once targets are known we will model sample SAP and SBEM calculations to reflect your development, these results are fed into our energy statements.

A range of scenarios will be modelled until the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your development has been identified. These scenarios may include improvements in the following areas:

  • Improved insulation and U-values to walls, floors and roofs
  • Improved glazing and doors or shading on windows where overheating is an issue
  • Improved air tightness
  • Calculated thermal mass
  • Calculated thermal bridging
  • More efficient heating systems, distribution, stores and controls
  • Cooling and ventilations options
  • Renewable technologies (including flue gas heat recovery, waste water heat recovery, solar thermal, solar PV, biomass and heat pumps).

Our energy reports typically follow the energy hierarchy as required by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and a number of other authorities:

  • Be Lean – demand reduction
  • Be Clean – heating infrastructure
  • Be Green – renewable energy

However, we will tailor the report to suit your needs and the LPAs requirements. Through our work in London we are experienced in calculating carbon offset payments to reach zero carbon homes and can review the benefits of increasing onsite emissions reduction to reduce carbon offset payments.

Many LPAs also require the submission of a sustainability statement setting out how the developer intends to address the sustainability issues considered important for the local area. This often includes water efficiency and BREEAM targets as well as materials, waste and ecology. We can help developers understand the implications of these policies and produce a clear, concise and comprehensive statement, pulling together a range of topics, that is achievable in the context of the development and meets the LPAs requirements.

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